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Photo of cellphone with a news story on the screen about George Floyd's murder.

As a Black woman in America, I avoid the many


In the United States, Black people's hair has been a


In this time of enormous global change, many people have referred to what we are experiencing as our “new normal.” Charles R. Martinez, Jr.,

Special Education has re-energized its Concentration in Equity and Diversity. The program explores the intersections of disability, race, ethnicity, language, social class, nationality, gender,

Housing costs have risen dramatically and this rise is especially problematic for parents. In this talk, Jennifer Jellison Holme reviews recent data on housing

Ph.D. student Alden Jones and Clinical Assistant Professor Beth Bukoski join Talking Eds to discuss the socialization experiences of queer and trans graduate students.

Deputy Director of the Center for STEM Education Carol Fletcher joins Talking Eds to talk about how they got WeTeach_CS off the ground by

Host Jack Weisberger is joined this week by Educational Leadership and Policy Ph.D. student Z. W. Taylor. At The University of Texas at Austin's

Assistant Director of Recruitment, Outreach, and Communication Danielle Thoma joins Talking Eds this week. She shares her experience as a first-generation college student, and

Four faculty members, Mark Gooden, Richard Reddick, Joshua Childs, and Terrance Green, from the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy talk with host Jack

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