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Cindy Carlson highlights research from the past 50 years that demonstrates the pervasive impact and importance of family relationships to human well-being, then challenges

A new e-intervention might help close the accessibility gap for positive parenting techniques.

A student and faculty member from the College of Education are part of a research team that will investigate the harmful effects of colorism

According to Education Psychology Professor Aaron Rochlen, music and pop culture might play a larger role in preparing counselors than you may think.

“In the current climate, it is imperative now more than ever that psychological research is utilized to help communities of color address these current

China's former One Child Policy had profound effects on parenting practices and the way that children viewed themselves. Educational Psychology Professor Toni Falbo's latest

Hegemonic Psychology: The Politics of Ethnic Minority Research Conducting research that focuses on the experiences of ethnic minorities is fraught with sociopolitical challenges. In predominantly

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