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Video by Alexandra Loukas talking about e-cigarettes.

Loukas' research focuses on adolescent and young adult problem behavior

Discovery Minute video with graphic and photo of Keffrelyn Brown.

Join Professor Keffrelyn Brown as she discusses problems with educators’


China's former One Child Policy had profound effects on parenting practices and the way that children viewed themselves. Educational Psychology Professor Toni Falbo's latest

Hegemonic Psychology: The Politics of Ethnic Minority Research Conducting research that focuses on the experiences of ethnic minorities is fraught with sociopolitical challenges. In predominantly

It can be difficult for those with a fine motor disability to complete certain gestures. An undergraduate researcher is studying how different forces or

Many postsecondary institutions respond to a legal and policy environment that seeks to end the consideration of race in education policies by adopting race-neutral

Physical activity in childhood has health and cognition benefits that last a lifetime.

Marcia Barnes conducts research on the development of reading comprehension and mathematics, and on interventions for children with learning difficulties in these academic domains.

This new analytic works within and against the truths of humanist, conventional, and interpretive forms of inquiry and analysis that have centered and dominated