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Technology allows educators to gather data on student achievement, replace costly print textbooks with digital versions, and help teachers prepare innovative, interactive lessons. Listen to three experts describe how well-implemented, intelligently used technology can improve education.

Randy Bomer:

Dr. Bomer, who’s chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, proposes that smartly-used technology allows more students to get ideas out of their heads and in front of a broad audience – it also helps K-12 students become more digitally savvy in general, which gives them a leg up in college and their careers.

Joan Hughes:

Dr. Hughes, an associate professor in Curriculum and Instruction, believes that well-implemented technology can boost student interest, publishing, inquiry and motivation when it comes STEM content.

Cesar Delgado:

Dr. Delgado, an assistant professor in Curriculum and Instruction, suggests the biggest benefit of instructional technology is in how it helps students become better scientific investigators – they can explore topics that might otherwise be off-limits because of safety concerns, lack of physical proximity to the subject under investigation and time efficiency.